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               The Department of Psychiatry  is functioning in the OP block from Aug -2008 since Government Dharmapuri Medical College was started.
It provides mental health care through both OP & IP services to the population of nearby districts. An average of 2,000 new patients and 15000 old patients per year are attending the OPD.  Currently for In-patient services we have 10 beds for male patients and 10 beds for female patients with trained staffs in IP Block.

Apart from pharmacotherapy it provides special services like

                       1. suicide prevention clinic
                       2. child guidance clinic
                       3.Deaddiction  clinic
                       4. modified Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
                       5. Behaviour therapy with Bio-feed back technique.
In an academic year around 100 undergraduate medical students and 40 nursing students are getting clinical experience and training from our department.
Recently one crore rupees have been allotted by state Government for construction of   Deaddiction center which would be completed within a year.  We are also awaiting for central government aid for construction of separate building for OP&IP services under National Mental Health Programme.
With the above facilities it is obvious that a strong foundation has been laid by our state government for the  Psychiatry department aiming for much improved standards of mental health care to the needy in the future.

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