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                                                           DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY
     The Department of Pharmacology  is functioning with a motive of inculcating and imprinting the knowledge of various drugs and their therapeutic applications in the minds of the budding 2nd year medical students. We also work to enlighten the students regarding the significance of Research & its methodologies thereby empowering them with an interest in the field of Research, which is still in its primitive stage in our setup.

With the inception of this college in 2008, we received the first batch of students in the year 2009. Despite the various hurdles during the tenure of establishing a well equipped department to keep up to the standards of the Medical Council of India, we have strived to make the students excel to their best in The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R .Medical University Examinations, during the past academic years and will aim for the same in the forthcoming years as well.

It has  been well established currently to handle students of various other allied specialities too, when appropriate approval has been sought for.

Facilities in the Department
We have adequate staff, both medical & non-medical, for the efficient running of the department. Moreover we are equipped with the following facilities:

1. Department Library
2. Animal House
3. Laboratories with Instruments
4. Museum
5. Demonstration Halls

In order to provide the students with a wide-based knowledge on Pharmacology as well as for the benefit of the staff, the department holds a library equipped with around 80 textbooks and few journals. These textbooks are by various renowned authors elaborating on various aspects of Pharmacology like Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Therapeutics, Drug screening & Evaluation,etc.

Animal House
In view of promoting pre-clinical research as well as for educational purposes, the department is attached with a spacious CPCSEA approved animal house with an area of 1800 sq. ft with good air conditioning facilities, enabling an ideal environment for the rearing & breeding of experimental animals like mice, rats, guinea pigs and so on. The Institutional Animal Ethics Committee comprising of 7 members as required by the regulatory authorities has been nominated to guide the activities of the animal house.

Laboratories with Instruments
The Department has 2 laboratories and a research lab which have been furnished with an exhaustive list of instruments like Actophotometer, Electroconvulsiometer, Rotarod apparatus, Cook’s pole climbing apparatus, Physiographs, Spectrophotometer, Calorimeter, Assembly for Isolated tissue experiments and so on, enabling various research activities to be done in a meticulous and ideal manner.

Demonstration Halls
There are 2 halls available which enable the staff to demonstrate  the students the functioning of a particular lab instrument or OSPE material and also in conducting group discussions with the students.

The Department also maintains a museum which displays the creative & fine work of the students regarding various drug formulations, descriptive charts on the mechanism of action of drugs, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions,  display of  therapeutic applications & illustrustations of various plant products, etc.

Student Activities
The students are assessed periodically based on their theory test performance, assignments on various topics,seminars conducted and project work done. Marks are awarded for the above activities which is required for their Internal Assessment . The theory sessions are conducted with audio-visual aids to make them more effective. Practical classes include exercises on Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacoeconomics, Prescription writing & audit, Toxicology, Dosage Calculation and Problem solving exercises. The students are also trained in Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) which tests their knowledge & skill.
The Department of Pharmacology wishes to keep striving at its best to make the students excel in their academic performance as well as contribute to the field of research.

Animal House




Experimental  Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory

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