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             The Department of Orthopaedics was functioning initially as a part in Government District Hospital about 40 years back. In those days one or two Orthopaedic surgeons were managing all kinds of Orthopaedic cases with limited facilities. When the Government hospital was established as a Medical College Hospital in April  2008, a separate Department of Orthopaedics was formed with adequate faculties and facilities. The Department  receives  lot of polytrauma cases especially due to  Road Traffic Accidents as  it is situated near the National highway.

Available facilities 

It has a 24 hours accident and emergency  service and injured cases are brought immediately to the hospital with the help of 108 free ambulance service. An accident and Emergency ward  with operation theatre is also available to tackle emergency cases. All kinds of  Orthopaedic surgeries are done with facilities like C- arm Image intensifier and Multipurpose Orthopaedic table. The Department is functioning with two units,  a separate OPD block, Male and Female Ortho wards in the newly constructed 500 bedded building.

Club foot clinic is conducted  every Friday.  A separate Physiotherapy department with experienced Physiotherapists are available for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Disability camps are being conducted on every week throughout the district. Accident& Emergency and Ortho wards are functioning in newly constructed 500 bedded building


Clinical teaching programmes for undergraduate medical students are conducted daily. Periodic academic activities like Case discussions, planning sessions and Journal club are being conducted on every week.

List of Published papers in Orthopaedic Journals by Prof. Dr.Sridhar

1. Proximal femoral varus derotational osteotomy for late stage perthes disease``-a case report.

2. Open surgical release for left wrist and local steroid injection for  
    right wrist for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome`` A case report, TNOA-feb 2009

3.  Herbert screw fixation and primary bone grafting for acute scaphoid 
    fracture `A case report, TNOA-feb 2009

4. Cryosurgery in the treatment of GCT in distal femur` our experience with Two cases.
     August  2008, OASIS,Pudusery

5. Radial shortening for the treatment of Kien Bock`s disease` a case report,Oasis journal,Vol-

6. Cryosurgery in the treatment of GCT in distal femur` our experience with Two
    cases.TNOA Journal Feb-2008,Vol-34,2008,Page 111-113.

7. Paget disease with sub trochanteric fracture left femur treated with PFN-`
     a case report -TNOA,  Journal Vol-34, 2008, page 157-158.

CME -` Recent Advances in Orthopaedics ` was conducted in September 2011.
Prof.P.Sridhar presents  memento to                 Eminent speakers during Inauguration of CME
Chief guest Dr.Chellapillai ,M.D.,   

Physiotherapy department


No of units in the Department       2
OP days and time                Monday to Saturday.          07.30AM to 12.00 Noon.
Ortho Unit I    -   Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Ortho Unit II   -   Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Female Ortho OPD                                                                                 

 BED STRENGTH     -              60 Beds

Average OP - 150-200/ Day
Average IP    - 10-20/Day
Male Ortho Ward                                                          
Female Ortho Ward

TYPE OF SURGERIES PERFORMED  -     All kinds of elective and emergency Trauma
                                                                            Spine surgeries, Tumor surgeries
                                                                            Arthroplasty  and Arthroscopic surgeries
                                                                            Congenital deformity corrective surgeries

SPECIAL CLINIC                                           Club foot clinic on every Friday
Hon’ble Health Minister Dr.Vijay,M.S, Ortho., inaugurated Club foot clinic on 29-06-2012

Recent advances and Quality treatment (Surgeries) to be  made available for  poor and needy people in and around Dharmapuri.The scheme covers most of the surgeries in Orthopaedic speciality.

People within the state and those who have cmchis ID cards

List of surgeries 
All kinds of emergency and elective trauma surgeries
Spine surgeries and congenital deformities like Club foot Tumor surgeries and Arthroscopy surgeries Hip and Knee replacement surgeries
Inauguration of ``CM WARD 500`` ON 11.06.2012 by Mrs.Lilly, IAS, District Collector, Dr.G.Bharathi,Dean,Prof.P.Sridhar, Nodal officer are in the picture



 Honourable Health Minister visits `CM WARD 500` on 29-6-2012  


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