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Department of Dermatoveneroleprology

            The primary aim of this Department is patient care along with training MBBS students in basic dermatological problems.

The main objective of the patient care is early diagnosis and treatment initiation. The faculty of this department envisages introduction of Postgraduate course in Dermatology
Dermatoveneroleprology department is a yet another colorful feather on the cap of GDMCH.
The DVL department is functioning in a full    swing since college was started in the year 2008.
Our Clinical activities
Conducting regular OPD as a single unit from 8am to 12 noon in all working days.
Our annual OPD turn out is  29780 patients. We have 10 beds for  inpatient service.
We are curing about 600 to 700 patient per annum in our ward.we are treating patients under CMCHIS.
We run a special clinic Hansens disease patient on every Friday.supplying anti leprosy drugs, and counsel them about selfcare to prevent morbidity,and do guide them for rehabilitation.
 We conduct procedure clinic  on Tuesdays and Thursdays

The facilities of our procedure cum  cosmetology  clinic are
  • Radiofrequency electocautery for cutaneous tags, stucco keratosis,DPN spots.
  • Electrocautry for wart
  • TCA spot peel for melasma
  • Tincure iodine puncture for molluscum


STD Clinic

In our STD clinic apart from diagnostic and curative services,
We are doing master health checkup for high risk groups {male and female sex workers, transgenders}
Inspiring counseling given.
Contact tracing and treating the partners

We are playing vital role in bringing down STD burden in the society.
 Academic activity

Interesting cases are  discussed every fortnight
We conduct seminars and symposium for undergraduate students

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