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                               The Department of ANATOMY was started in the year 2008 when the college was established. The department is provided with sufficient cadavers  Museum specimens and charts for teaching purpose.

  • Every year 100  MBBS students are being taught detailed Human  anatomy

  • Academic activities like Symposiums  and Seminars are being conducted

  • Vertical and Horizontal Integrated Teaching programmes are conducted in this Institute regularly.

  • Periodical internal assessment exams including Theory, Practical & Oral are conducted to assess the students knowledge.


Gross Anatomy:
            Studying the human anatomy in detail by dissecting region wise.  Detailed Gross Anatomy of the human
body including cross sectional anatomy and anatomical basis of clinical conditions

            Normal Microscopic appearances of all the tissues and organs of the body are described and demonstrated with mounted slides under light Microscope.

            Structural organization of various parts of the nervous system with particular reference to their connections and functions. Localisation & effects of lesions in different parts of the central nervous system and nerve injuries. Neuroanatomical techniques for demonstration of Nissl substance, processes, myelin sheath.

            Teaching embryology includes general and systemic embryology with the aid of power point projection, embryo models and charts .

Structure of chromosomes, Structure of gene, Karyotype, Chromosomal aberrations, Inheritance, Basic Molecular genetics, Common Genetic disorders.
            Weekly Osteology classes are taken by demonstrating the regional bones to the students.

Special Services Rendered to the Public

  •  Body Donation from public is accepted here and it is utilized for research and academic purposes.

  • Preservation of acquired Orphan bodies from the hospitals are utilized for teaching purposes.

  • Creating awareness of Voluntary Body donation to the public.



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